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Save Your Smile…and Your Money Too!

When you use Ameriplan Discount Dental Health Plans, you’ll get the high quality dental care you’ve always wanted for yourself and your family-without the high end prices. Our affordable dental plans mean you get access to the finest dentists without fear of incurring the out of control bills that often accompany such treatments..

For more than 20 years, AmeriPlan has been providing clients with easy, flexible dental plans that don’t come with endless demands for paperwork, complicated reimbursement schedules, age limits or waiting periods. All that’s required is simply signing up on our website, and you’ll be able to see a dental provider the same day.

Whether you’re looking for care for yourself, your children, or your entire family, we have the low cost dental programs that mean everyone can get affordable root canals, comprehensive check ups and even braces!

Fee schedules are straightforward without the unpleasant surprises that come with ordinary dental coverage. Depending on your location, you can plan for huge savings on a variety of otherwise costly procedures.

At AmeriPlan, we understand that “one size fits all” doesn’t apply to dental care. That’s why we offer you plenty of choices when it comes to your plan. Sign up for what you need, and what works for your budget. Have questions? Call us today to find out more about how our cost effective dental coverage will save your money…and your smile!

Get in touch and get started with the care you deserve. We’re here to help.

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Dental Plus (individual)
Includes only yourself
Monthly Fee - $14.95, One Time Admin Fee - $20
Dental Plus (household)
Includes all persons in your home
Monthly Fee - $19.95, One Time Admin Fee - $20
All the great Dental and Medical benefits plus AmeriDoc (a revolutionary telemedicine program)
Monthly Fee - $49.95, (plus one time registration fee $30.00)
Platinum Plus
A great, all around package, for just $50 per month
Monthly Fee - $50.00, One Time Admin Fee - $20
Total Platinum
Medical plus the programs from Platinum Plus
Monthly Fee - $75.00, One Time Admin Fee - $25
Platinum Freedom Pass
More exciting programs plus the Total Platinum programs
Monthly Fee - $150.00, One Time Admin Fee - $30

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* A one time administrative fee of $20 ($30 for Total Health™ and Total Health Plus™) is also required.
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