AmeriPlan Healthcare

Only $49.95 per month for your entire household.
AmeriPlan Healthcare includes a robust medical discount program in addition to all the immediate savings of Dental Plus.

Getting healthcare is now easy with the medical discount health plans offered by AmeriPlan Healthcare. At AmeriPlan USA, we have created the discount healthcare plans. You can now receive a wide variety of discounted healthcare services for you and your whole family. With AmeriPlan Healthcare, you can get all the benefits as well as savings associated with the Dental Plus plans.

The healthcare plan is unique in its own which also provides a telemedicine program – AmeriDoc. This feature gives you the option to call or email a physician any time for any type of consultation. You can also receive recommendations about prescription medication when required. With your medical history and health records on record the whole process of getting a doctor’s professional opinion gets accelerated with AmeriDoc. Now you can rest assured that in case of any kind of medical care requirement, help is just a click or a call away. You can contact us to know more about the AmeriPlan Healthcare plan and how you can also enjoy the wide range of discount health benefits it provides. 



It's like having a doctor in the family.

Ancillary Services:

Hospital Advocacy:

Should you need to be hospitalized, and the anticipated charges will exceed $2,500.00, an advocate will be assigned to negotiate the best possible fees for the hospital services. There is a three-day waiting period from the active date of your membership to utilize this program.

Podiatry Services:

Foot and ankle specialists provide comprehensive management, through medical or surgical methods, of a wide variety of problems that affect foot and ankle function.

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