How I Got My Start in Multi Level Marketing

By Jim Martinez

When I stumbled across the company that I am with now, I didn’t know anything about multi level marketing. I was a business owner with twelve employees.

One day a gentleman walked into my office wanting to know if he could speak to me and my employees about the discount dental benefits package he had to offer. After he talked about the benefits his company was offering, the subject came up about residual income or repeat income. I didn’t know about residual income, so he explained that every time I would sell the discount dental plans, I would receive a monthly residual for as long as the client kept the plan.

Well, being a business man, I immediately saw the potential and the light bulb went on! I said to myself “I can do this.” His next question to me was “Do you want me to sign up your employees or would you rather…..needless to say I joined Ameriplan that day. One of the first things I did as a new distributor was to offer my employees the discount plan. A few of them signed up and a couple of them became distributors. I was up and running.

Now if I could just build a team of leaders. So I got busy and made a list of people I could talk to about my new business. I recruited one of my friends because he and I had the same vision about having financial freedom and earning residual income. I started to build my team and encouraged him to build his team as well because multi level marketing is all about duplication. I also learned very quickly that not everyone that you bring on your team would have the same vision about the business that I had.

In order to be successful in this business:

  • You must get connected and stay connected.
  • Learn your company product.
  • Understand how you and your team will be paid.

The company system should:

  • Show everyone about the product.
  • Show everyone how to market the product.
  • Show everyone how to by build a team by recruiting distributors.
  • Show where to find your distributors.
  • Teach your distributors how to present products and services as well as how to promote the opportunity.
  • Show how to keep it simple enough so that the system will work for every new person that is recruited into the team.

Remember, anything worthwhile will take time to create and build. If you plug in and follow a power system, be persistent, believe in the company and product and most importantly believe in yourself, you will have a fighting chance to succeed in multi level marketing.

Because multi Level Marketing is a business of duplication, your people will do what you do. If you manage your down line so will your team. If you spend time prospecting and recruiting, so will your team.

You will rarely meet anyone who has worked steadily in network marketing who doesn’t eventually achieve success. Network Marketing is one of the fastest growing career opportunities in the United States. A lot of people have abandoned dead end jobs to achieve the dream of growing their own business and achieving time freedom or financial freedom for themselves and their family.

In closing, let me say this: today, that gentleman who walked into my office and recruited me into Ameriplan is thanking his lucky stars because I went to the top of the company as a National Sales Director for Ameriplan. I also have on my team a distributor who has attained the status of National Sales Director. My motto is T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More).

About the author
Jim Martinez is a National Sales Director for Ameriplan USA. For information on Ameriplan discount benefits plans and more articles, visit